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Clachan Boys: FAQ / Links

Follow this link for answers  to the the most common questions about the Clachan Boys
Highland Way's official Website

Find out more about Highland Way


R o' Sullivan's Irish Pub

Our Local Pub, and great friends. Tuesday night Trad session, 7pm. Live entertainment Thurs - Sun evenings.


Traveler Guitar
For the musician that needs a compact, portable, reliable, playable, guitar for on the road, rehearsing, or performance.
Myspace Clachan Boys

Want to become a friend of the Clachan Boys on Myspace.


Scottish Weddings
For the Authentic Scottish Wedding


Session tunes

Ceilidh Collections website

A series of books that we highly recommend. We cover several of the tunes in these books in our Tuesday Session.


Reel Beatrice

reel Beatrice

cobblestone table of contents

Use this table to find the tunes from the list below

Reels1 p2-11
Reels2 p12-21
Reels3 p22-32
Lightjigs1 p34-43
Lightjigs2 p44-52
Lightjigs3 p53-59
Slipjigs p60-65
Singlejigs p70-75
Hornpipes p94-98
Polkas1 p108-118
Polkas2 p119-124
Waltzes p178-184