ClachanBoys playing a wedding

The ‘Clachan Boys’ are two incredibly talented musicians, Brian Caldwell and Paul Castellanos. Brian's robust vocals and Paul's incredible versatility with stringed instruments combine to produce some of the best Celtic music in Southern California. Playing everything from frolicking pub music and private parties to haunting ballads and house concerts, the pair have a unique flair for captivating any crowd.

Brian Caldwell - Lead singer / Manager


Entertainer, MC, musician, singer, sound engineer, producer, and the man to talk to about all things Scottish. Brian Caldwell is a busy man, bringing his enthusiasm, good humor, and great musicianship to venues throughout the country.
     Brian grew up in Glasgow, Scotland and having specialized in sound engineering at the prestigious Strathclyde University, headed on the road. Now residing in North San Diego County in California, he regularly plays solo, or as a duo with the Clachan Boys, or with his four/five piece ensemble, Highland Way. Performing Scottish and Irish music is his specialty but is known to pull out some classic covers from time to time. It’s all about  the audience having a good time.

Paul Castellanos - Fiddle / Mandolin / strings

Paul, Mr. StringsPaul Castellanos comes from a family of actors, artists and musicians involved in creative arts. Paul has been intensely involved in his craft from the time he was a child. He began performing for audiences from the age of 10. He studied music through high school and majored in music in college. He began teaching students when he was 20. Paul has traveled extensively with a variety of bands. He has mastered jazz, classical, country, rock, bluegrass, Cajun, zydeco, flamenco as well as Scottish and Irish folk music. Paul's also an accomplished song writer and arranger having played with 'The Chieftains', 'The Young Dubliners', 'Blended Spirits', 'Ken O' Mally', and regularly performed in LA's oldest Irish Pub Molly Malone's with 'Garrison White', and 'Glen Cornick', original bass player for 'Jethro Tull'. He's also opened for 'The Wolftones', 'Willy Clancy', Tommy Makem', and 'Billy Connelly'.